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happy chuseok! :D

from me to you, happy chuseok!!! ^___^ ♡♡♡ enjoy eating songpyeon~ ㅋㅋㅋ


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2NE1's can't nobody mv

here comes the last of the triple mv onslaught of our favorite girl group, 2ne1! check the video out below:

as usual, the girls are exuding the trademark swagger and fierceness they are known for! dang~ cl looks fabulously ferocious, minji is all grown up and sexaaay, bommie is heavenly in her silk robes and goddess darong is… well, unbelievably gorgeous like she normally is. nothing but love love love for my favorite girls. ^___^

i wonder how long it’ll take before they release the english version of the mv? hmn… can’t wait. kkk

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2NE1's go away mv

yesterday saw the release of 2ne1’s go away mv. the video to the girls’ 2nd title track features the acting chops of fierce leadah cl and hot model-actor song jae rim ❤ ❤ <3. check out the video below if you haven’t seen it yet~

credit: 2NE1’s YouTube

a lot of buzz is now suurrounding this mv for its portrayal of violence to women, reckless driving and underage drinking… not to mention cl’s swearing. haha. but setting aside the elements of a soon-to-be-banned video, one must admit that the mv is well put-together… it has a nice plot for crying out loud! haha. also, it gives viewers a pretty good message about love… a relationship is not worth anything if it undermines a person’s respect and self-worth.

oh, and did i already mention that song jae rim appears as cl’s asshole bf? i know he’s the bad guy but damn. he is fine! XD

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happy birthday matsuda shota! ^^

誕生日おめでとう, shota-kun! ^^ah~ you smexy guy you… don’t look at me like that, i might get pregnant. hahahaha

i love love love shota-kun (especially in liar game kkk)~ so to celebrate his birthday, i’m sharing videos of him speaking english! (i promise you, once you hear him speak, you’ll never want to listen to another guy again. hahaha)

too bad the dailymotion link doesn’t work anymore…that video was for liar game x. -_- oh well~

at least i can pic spam! haha

shota-kun = ♥ ^___^

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to anyone is here.

the long awaited album to anyone, is finally here.

after one year of waiting, the girls certainly delivered. the 12 track album, which consists of 7 new songs and 5 previously released ones, will pleasantly surprise any discriminating korean music fan.

i won’t post a lengthy review (because let’s face it, i suck at that haha) but i will tell you this. take the time to listen to to anyone, and you won’t regret it. don’t just listen to it once. oh no. the more pronounced autotune in this album proves to be an acquired taste, so i suggest you bear with it . underneath all of the synths and electric beats, i assure you, there are gems… and after several turns, i will say that my 3 favorite tracks are love is ouch, clap your hands and can’t nobody.

credit: 2NE1’s YouTube

love ’em or hate ’em, the fact remains that 2NE1 is one of the most interesting groups in the korean music industry. and for that i will continue to love them, and give them the support that they deserve. because at the end of the day, i’m a true blue blackjack yo! 😀

축하해, 투애니원~

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i need a deluxe edition of taeyang's solar~

ok… i’m normally not lucky enough to win in these kinds of contests… but you can be sure as hell that i’m going to die trying. XD if it involves anything related to my top fandoms, you can definitely count on me. i’ll be there! haha

so here’s the thing… one of my favorite blogs, buhay korea is brewing something very special for chuseok (korean thanksgiving festival)~ courtesy of its twin site, kpop mall, one deluxe edition of taeyang’s solar album will be given to a very very lucky reader! (here’s to hoping that lucky creature is me haha ;D)

so how does one join the contest? easy-peasy.

option # 1: a person can earn 5 chances by blogging about the aforementioned contest (like what yours truly is doing ㅋㅋ). however, please DO remember that the blog post must be 60 words or more AND it should also contain a link to the original post by kpop mall.

option # 2: you can earn 1 chance by posting about the contest on your twitter account or facebook wall.

links to any or both of your preferred options should then be posted to the kpop mall’s comments section~

piece of cake, right? hahaha. so even though it’ll lessen my chances of winning (lol), i highly encourage you guys to join in on the fun~ 😀 after all, “the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph”. hahaha

so what are you waiting for?

여러분, 화이팅!

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celtic music? who would've thought?

earlier tonight, me and my friend minyeong were chatting. then he sent me this song i’ve never heard of entitled “nella fantasia” by chloe agnew, who is from a celtic group called celtic woman. to tell you the truth, i’m not that familiar with celtic music… but i’m telling you. this song blew me away! and thirty seconds into the song, you’ll know why too.

the song is composed by renowned composer ennio morricone. apparently, based on my research (which is, eherm, wikipedia) the song was based on the theme “gabriel’s oboe” from the movie “the mission”.

not surprisingly, the piece is quite popular… so far it has also been sung by sarah brightman, il divo and paul potts, among others. i wouldn’t blame them really… because the song is a stirring masterpiece.

please do yourself a favor and download the song here. thank me later. ^^

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