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2NE1 to come back with it hurts

my favorite korean girl group, 2NE1 will be coming back with the 4th track off of their full length album. the mid-tempo ballad it hurts was revealed as the much awaited follow-up to the 3 hit singles clap your hands, go away and can’t nobody. according to the yg-life blog, the mv will be unveiled tomorrow, on the broadcast of sbs inkigayo.


on a side note… dara looks pretty and creepy, doesn’t she? props to the stylists for achieving a nightmare before christmas-y look. ㅋㅋㅋ

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여러분, 해피 한글날!

today, koreans (and even non-koreans like me) celebrate hangul day! 😀

hangul day or 한글날 (hangullal) is a national commemorative day in south korea which marks the invention and proclamation of hangul, the native phonetic alphabet system for the korean language. hangul was promulgated by king sejong the great, the fourth king of the joseon dynasty.

statue of king sejong in gwanghwamun plaza, seoul

before the invention of hangul, only people from high classes were literate, and they used hanja (which were adapted chinese characters). however, being of foreign origin, koreans had a hard time fully expressing the words and meanings of their thoughts and spoken language…

king sejong, the wise and revolutionary ruler that he was, felt great sympathy for his people; and as a brilliant leader, he sought out a solution for this cumbersome dilemma. his envisioned goal being that koreans, from all walks of life, will be able to read and write in their own language. he also attempted to establish national identity and cultural independence, through the introduction of this unique script.

thus, the hunmin jeongeum was born. this was later known as hangul (yay!) and the rest, as they say, is history. ^^

hangul has garnered unanimous praise from language experts all over the world for its scientific design. the haerye, which is a commentary on hunmin jeongeum, says “a wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days.” well, doesn’t that say something about how easy it is to learn how to read and write in hangul? i for example, learned it in under a few hours… maybe my familiarity with korean dramas, films and music really helped with that… kkk~

although i must say, i have a long, long, looong way to go before i even achieve a decent grasp of the language. dammit, korean grammar is such a pain! Ginger Bread Man Emoticon (Bow)

but yeah~ happy hangul day everyone! i hope some of you korea lovers out there, can take this as an opportunity to jumpstart your korean language learning. ^^ join me!

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liar game: the final stage

minna! ^^ have you seen liar game: the final stage? if you haven’t yet, please do! you can download it here.

as you can see from the wonderful image above, i am a huge, as in HUGE shipper of akiyama shinichi and kanzaki nao (i wonder what shipping name they have… akinao? naoshin? shinzaki? looool). and boy, was the movie a treat for shippers like myself~ there was more skinship between our two beloved leads! about time i tell you. haha

i don’t want to spoil it for the others who haven’t watched yet, but i can say i was pretty much satisfied with the ending. t’was a little cheesy at the end, but the ride was so freaking awesome that i’m willing to overlook that fact. XDDD but don’t just take my word for it… watch it yourself, ok?

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