「jyoou no kyoushitsu」

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being a bum has its perks, and having the time to watch drama marathons is one of them~

right now, i’m watching the 2005 ntv drama jyoou no kyoushitsu (the queen’s classroom/ 女王の教室). if you haven’t heard of it, basically it revolves around a class of sixth graders (led by shiida mirai of 14 sai no haha fame). unfortunately for them, they are entrusted upon a devilish teacher by the name of akutsu maya (played by the always wonderful amami yuki). for one whole year, the students will have to bear with seemingly cruel and unjust classroom dealings.

currently, i’m watching episode 4, and so far so good! no complaints whatsoever, haha. amami yuki is briliant in her role as the ruthless akutsu maya (or AkuMa, as what her students lovingly call her behind her back) and shiida mirai is simply adorable as the student who firmly stands up to maya’s tyrannical rule. the writing impresses me, since it is so nicely paced.

so far, there are no draggy parts (which is a definite plus!) and the classroom conflicts are nicely laid out too… ah. i have a feeling this will turn out to be one of my favorite dramas ever. haha

if you have the time, please watch jyoou no kyoushitsu. it’ll be a nice break from all those crappy idol drama vehicles that’s usually just all hype.
[EDIT 2010-11-20]

yay! i’ve finished watching jyoou no kyoushitsu (along with the 2-part special), and it definitely did not disappoint. from beginning to end, i was hooked! i got so addicted watching this drama that i couldn’t take my eyes of the monitor. XDDD

if i had one complaint though, that would be with regards to miyauchi eiji (the problem student in the sp). somehow i felt they let him off easy.

*spoiler* who’d get away scot free with framing a teacher up and inflicting her with nearly fatal wounds? i mean, come on! is there no justice in the world? *end spoiler*

oh well… i guess i can’t always have my cake, no? haha. but aside from that, t’was all good! jyoou no kyoushitsu is a must watch, even if you’re not a fan of amami yuki, or shiida mirai. it’s THAT good, trust me.


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