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starting today, i’m watching a new drama. if you’ve read the shoujo manga of the same name, then you might know what it is~ the show is titled raifu.

raifu is an 11-episode midnight dorama which centers around bullying. it stars kitano kii as ayumu shiiba, a student who is a target of bullying at nishidate high school. the pack is led by queen bee manami anzai, played by fukuda saki.

juri ueno? nope. it's kitano kii.

as of writing, i have already watched until episode 4. i tell you, if this drama is meant to involve its viewers with the drama, then i’m absolutely reeled-in. i cannot even begin to describe how i despise the characters!

words cannot describe how much i hate hirose. absolutely the lowest. i hate her so much that i actually want to kick her ass sooo bad. XD

you’d normally think that the main villain is the one that’s supposed to be hated on the most, right? but for me it’s different. i absolutely adore mana’s character (and portrayal). she’s so good at being bad that you can’t help but love her. XD hirose, on the other hand… is annoying as hell. i actually enjoyed when she was being bullied for the first 2 episodes! first of all, she was quite arrogant with the whole magazine thing (and what’s up with giving the mag to ayumu? ugh) and second, she’s absolutely willing to sell out other people in order to not be picked on… what a bitch!

the rest of the class leaves much to be desired too. i think the only likeable characters are miki and hiraoka-sensei. i’m not too keen on ayumu either, because so far she’s such a wimp. i know she’s no makino tsukushi, but hell. what normal person would just stand by when she gets lynched by her own classmates? hello ayumu! iikagen ni mesamenasai!

hopefully, by episode 5 she gets her stuff together and retaliate. i’m all for character growth and all, and i do believe it does take time, but i think that time is about to run out. i’m quite a patient viewer and all… but i do have my limits. i’d like to cheer for a heroine who faces adversity head on, not one who runs away from it and cowers like a coward.

for now, i’m still hanging there! thank god the writing and pacing of this show isn’t boring… that’s one thing you can hold on to while watching this drama.

[EDIT 2010-11-21]

after one solid day of marathoning life, i’m finally done. *sigh of relief*

so what did i think of it?

imho, i think life is a pretty consistent drama. from the first episode until the last, you can expect to be at the edge of your seat. as i’ve said earlier, this drama’s pacing is freaking great! no draggy moments, just solid, efficient writing.

life‘s primarily a character driven show, so watch it bearing that in mind. trust me, the plot is not THAT complicated.

keep an eye out for mana. she does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to turning the gears of plot advancement in this dorama. XD oh, and watch out for ayumu too. even after all the stupidity of our main protagonist early on, she definitely redeems herself in later episodes (yay for character growth!). i won’t spoil anything, but you can expect her to finally stand up to her bullies (for real). methinks the ending was great too… it’s kind of like a fairytale finish but still pretty acceptable.

if you have time to spare, definitely go and check it out.

starting today, at the end of every post, i’m going to indicate my mood. just a little something to spice up each entry~ kkk. 😀
btw, my deepest gratitude goes out to Iris-Zeible of DA. she made that wonderful icon/s that i used (and will be using in the future) as a mood indicator. check out her page, she’s really cool and talented. ^^ thanks again, iris-chan~

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