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happy new year!!!

i cannot believe that in a few minutes, 2010 will come to a close… ah, it all happened too fast if you ask me! XD

but upon entering a new year, i hope everyone faces 2011 with a renewed sense of hope and vigor~ cheers to a good one!


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limited edition customized gd & top beats by dr. dre

tomorrow, december 24, will see the release of the much anticipated limited edition (albeit unofficial) gd & top beats by dr. dre~

GD edition

TOP edition

they look wonderful don’t they? however, wearing these top of the line headphones comes with a steep price: 649,000 won. now that’s hella expensive.

[EDIT 2010-12-27]

you might have heard of this already, but the gd and top headphones are not official/authorized (meaning they are only customized, kind of like colorware-ing your beats… so therefore they are not covered by a warranty). see the official twitter page for beats by dr. dre for verification.


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